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Gateway of the Costa degli Etruschi

Vada is a small village in the heart of the Etruscan Coast.

It’s a fishing village that overlooks the sea of the famous White Beaches and it is surrounded by the green hills of tuscan countryside.

The history of Vada has its roots in the Etruscan-Roman era, when the first settlements in the area had the name of Vada Volaterrana.

A demonstration of its Etruscan and Roman roots, several excavations throughout history have brought to light mosaics, marble decorations, coins dating back to the 3rd century BC.

Vada is one of the most famous places on the Etruscan Coast, especially thanks to its sea which makes Vada one of the excellences of the Tuscan coast.

The centre of Vada can be easily reached on foot or by bike from Vada Village and it has all the main facilities.

Thanks to its ancient origins, Vada has some monuments which are worth visiting.

Behind the port is the Torre di Vada, a structure which has performed different functions over the centuries: from a prison house to a lighthouse (between 1867 and 1979) to the present day, when the old tower is often used as a centre for temporary exhibitions.

The sea

The sea of the Etruscan Coast – 10 minutes’ walk from Vada Village – is one of the most beautiful on the whole coast.

The “Punti Azzurri” of Vada and the White Beaches are characterised by fine sand and gently declining water, making them the ideal environment for adults as well as for children.

Right in front of the Tuscan archipelago, our sea is the ideal place for those who love water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, diving or simply for those who want to relax aboard a sailboat, caressed by the breath of the wind.


Natural parks, Mediterranean vegetation, endless pine forests. If you love nature, you’ll love the Etruscan Coast.

A triumph of shades of green and magical places to be discovered simply by walking and breathing in all the purity of a fresh and clear air.

From the countryside which goes up to Volterra to the endless vineyards of the hills which surround Vada Village: perfect areas in which to walk in contact with nature and buy typical products of the Tuscan countryside.

You just have to choose, put your backpack over your shoulder and start your journey!

Medieval Villages

Cosy, romantic, picturesque. The medieval villages and the art cities #NearUs are authentic pearls. Small towns, enhanced by the thousand shades of colour which characterise the historic buildings and, often, the walls which protected them.

You only need to travel just over 20 km to visit Bolgheri, which is reached at the end of the famous cypress avenue told of by Carducci. Or travel 40 km to reach Volterra, charming, solitary and austere. If you love travelling, it is impossible not to visit San Gimignano, 70 km from Vada Village: a village famous for its towers and for its breathtaking views of the Chianti hills.

If you love art, in less than an hour’s drive you can reach Pisa, Lucca and Florence, or move inland to Tuscany and be enchanted by the beauty of Siena.

And for those who love history, Vada is the gateway to the Etruscan land: a privileged entrance from which to reach symbolic places of a territory rich in settlements: from Etruscan museum pieces built by man to natural ones such as Populonia, Baratti and Volterra itself.

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Vada Village

Via della Resistenza 57016 - Vada - Rosignano Marittimo (LI)

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Vada Village

Via della Resistenza 57016 - Vada - Rosignano Marittimo (LI)
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